H1N1, Lemmings and isolation.

Stormtrooper survivor guilt…

I can’t think too hard today or my head crackles. And as I am not normally a hysteric when it comes to my health (25 years of addiction and alcoholism has created a lack of self-preservation) I find it strange that the media has freaked me out enough to wonder if I’ve got H1N1. Though I seriously doubt it. It has been a fleeting thought from time to time today. So much for not joining the paranoid Lemmings as they race over the cliff.

Ah Lemmings! Now that was and still is a great game!!! You had a whole bunch of these little guys and each capable of certain tasks and you set them about their tasks to solve puzzles. I really should download another copy it shouldn’t be difficult to find. Though nothing beats playing it on SNES.
Lemmings on Wikipedia

I feel particularly lonely today. There is something wonderful about having someone fuss over you, even for just a few minutes when you’re ill. And I guess seeing family and having a weekend with my daughter has left me feeling their absence so much more. If anything could feel more alone I don’t know how. I feel like I’ve been stranded on some strange planet.

So much for coherence and sensibility. Bah! I’ll write something of value tomorrow.


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