Standing in a cluttered room feels like home.


I’m finding today to be so filled with static that I am having a hard time focusing. My thoughts seem to be like a radio that cannot completely tune to a sing station. So all you hear are buzzing ghostly echos. I can’t quite dig out what it is I am hearing. And thinking.

Feeling very far away from God, man and soil alike. Needing a distraction or something to focus on. A thought or concept. Just something that can fill the empty thing I feel right now.

So that’s pretty much what I am getting out of me and to you today. I am tired too. Corralling and tending to a two year old can burn off so much energy. I was in bed and asleep by 9 pm last night.

I dreamed of my brother, a hostage situation and a beautiful Asian girl who said she loved me. And as usual lately there was a cat. Always friendly cats and they seem to be my pets. Also I frequently dream of my father. I find him to strangely be the voice of reason in these crazy situations.

Write nice things for me. I’ll be back in form tomorrow. I hope.

Because honestly I hate feeling so frayed.


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