Isn’t it funny? A commentary on God’s sense of humour.


That’s him. That shiny bastard. That’s him.” Casy stared blindly at the light. He breathed heavily. “Listen,” he said. “You fellas don’ know what you’re a-doin’

– Jim Casy from Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath

Can’t say just why but I have always been fascinated by the character of Jim Casy from John Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath”. He’s a strange and enigmatic creation. A defrocked preacher (for fornication) who has some crazy idea of the nature of God. In fact the character was intentionally written to be a Christ figure. The above quote is from when he is about to be beaten to death with an axe handle. Steinbeck created a masterpiece in the character of the holy man who has fallen.

You know I have kicked around the idea of writing a book where the protagonist would be a preacher who walked away or was pushed away from the pulpit and the journey he takes to find the real God behind the words and behind the sermons, behind the tracts and Gospels. And the truths he finds. I got some good ideas. I guess the only thing hindering me is this sense that it has been done before and it’s a tad cliche. The healer who fails to heal himself until he is redeemed. It’s a good concept, but it would need a really strong and unique perspective or it just ends up being derivative. Who knows, I just might do it anyway and let it happen. I’ve heard it said that a good author doesn’t always know where the story is going as he writes and he lets it grow and move in its own way. Eroding walls and mountains. Almost an organic thing or a river.

Put that on the list of “Things I Will Do If I Ever Get The Nerve”.

Speaking of preachers and to show I a, not always some morose and gloomy freak who dwells in some basement somewhere. Here’s an excerpt from an email I sent to my pastor this morning…

Hey Mr. God Talking Guy

Did you know there is no Gospel of James Brown in the Bible? No really! It’s true! I always thought there was too! In fact I am sure I once heard you refer to it in your sermon James Brown 4:12-15 “And Jesus said to the people gathered at the wedding. ‘Get on up, get off of that thing.’ And the gathered folks did get funky with their bad selves. And they shook their bottoms like it weren’t no thing”

Maybe you should let me review your sermons before you give them. Because I also checked for Paul’s letter to Sesame Street and contrary to what you say…It’s not there either.

Jerimiah Bullfrog”

You may not believe this but I do have my moments. In fact I am a funny guy and am capable of frivolity and mirth. Even if I am curmudgeonly and sentimental far too often. Maybe I just haven’t been to good at exercising my laugh muscles. Maybe sometimes I forget how. And I let myself get too damn old.

Hey I got a favour to ask. Laugh with me okay? Let me remember what it’s like to be silly and maybe be funny, clever and witty. I can’t carry this big ol’ sack of blues around all the time.

I figure God has an amazing sense of humour and isn’t too easily offended. I mean have you ever seen a platypus? You can’t tell me he wasn’t snickering when he did that. Or a Jennifer Aniston movie or her whole career for that matter. Her wealth and success is proof God plays jokes.

To laughing!


2 responses

  1. Lisa Curran

    keep on being silly ! give your book idea a go ahead, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    October 27, 2009 at 8:45 am

  2. Jen Webb

    I’m still laughing at “frivolity and mirth”. YEAH, Mr. Curmudgeon, show us what ya got, or as James B. would saith, YEEOWWWWW!

    October 27, 2009 at 12:07 pm

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