What was I saying?…Oh yeah…Anyway…


“Mamma’s got a squeeze box she wears on he chest,
And when Daddy comes home he never gets no rest,
‘Cause she’s playin’ all night,
And the music’s alright,
It goes in and out,
In and out…”

– The Who –
Man ain’t rock and roll the real deal? I feel funny sometimes, thinking ‘Man I am an old bugger listening to kids music.’ But what can I say…Well I mean The Who said “Hope I die before I get old.”  Maybe I ain’t old…And I ain’t deaded yet. So maybe it’s okay.

Of course it is the music of sin and immoral thought. But you know I am a Christian, but here’s the deal. I don’t have to believe all the same things all the others do. I don’t believe homosexuality is a sin or is an illness to be cured. I don’t believe we need to be sticking our noses in the abortion debate, in fact I figure right or wrong it is the choice of the people involved. We should offer every option to them before that point, but ultimately in love we should support their choice. And I am anti-death penalty but that’s because I don’t think any legal system is strong enough to condemn a life to cease to exist. We can barely work out parking tickets. And I don’t think you’re going to hell if you don’t conform to my brand or flavour of faith. I believe God is God and he shows himself in many different shades and lights.  And I doubt he can damn anyone for simply being of one human group or another…He might over the stupid things we do in the name of that group. But not for simply belonging. Unless of course you’re a member of PETA…God thinks they’re dumb. He told me.

Maybe that makes me a bad Christian. But so does the fact that I swear, drink coffee, think thoughts of a sinful nature when I see a pretty girl, that I don’t always have the kindest intent for assholes who need a good boot in their bum and I don’t always have much faith. So I got a warehouse full of my own crap to shelve before I start shelving yours. And I am of firm belief that politics belong together like a Black and Decker drill and a person’s skull. I mean it’ll work, it’ll drill a hole nicely. But I bet it’ll really make a mess of the dude’s head…You dig hoss?

Of course I do know a few folk who could use what used to called a “Black & Decker Dome Checker”…But I’m trying to pray that away…Trying, trying, trying…Counting to ten…Biting my tongue…

Hey speaking of which, I got an appointment I must leave for now with a government office…Bureaucracy, the joy of stupid in triplicate. With a signature and initial on each page.
“Let my love open the door…”


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