What the world needs now is a new Frank Sinatra

painting_Luksha-Obscured by the Passage of Time
– Obscured By The Passage Of Time by David Luksha –

I really love this guy’s paintings. I stumbled on them online and wish I could afford to own one. Here’s a link to his work at The Agnes Bugera Gallery. And he’s a Canadian artist, which makes him righteous. And proves that Canadian art didn’t die on a canoe trip with Tom Thompson. Anyway that painting sort of hints at something without telling you everything. It lets you write the story. That is a power only good art has. It’s easy to be blunt and to offer a step by step instruction. It takes much more talent and a gift to just open the door and let your audience come through on their own. It also takes a sort of surrender. A willingness to shut up and let the art speak. This I think applies to all art. Not just visual.

I am feeling I am being sort of mundane and repetitive here lately. I want to sort of write about different things. But I have been so focused inward that all I can write about is internal. I hopefully can change that. I don’t want to get boring, for you or me.

Yesterday brought a bit of good news. Since there is absolutely no work in my field in this city I got referred into a program through a local college and the government to wither find and place me in a job or to offer me paid training. Which is a God send. Because I am struggling badly. And I am basically relying on hope and blessings to feed and care for my daughter when I have her with me. Literally. My budget lands me with a twelve dollar surplus after I pay my living expenses. That is BEFORE groceries even. So I am thoroughly and completely poor. And thoroughly and completely tired of poverty. The hungry poet gig was cool when I was a 23-year-old kid on my own. But it has lost it’s charm as a 30 something man with a daughter and bills to pay. The only problem with the program I have been offered is that it doesn’t happen right away and so I will be stuck for a couple months more. So if you’re a wealthy mysterious stranger who has happened upon my insane ramblings, can you do a solid and hook a brother up…You know just a little bit into the karma bank?

Yeah this entry read more like a goofy teen angsty diary entry than anything of substance, ah well. Like they say “Don’t try for a home run when you can get the job done with a hit.”

Here’s a little bit of gristle for you to chew on…

“People who say they don’t care what people think are usually desperate to have people think they don’t care what people think”
– George Carlin –


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