Lost dogs, stolen moments and the forgetful saint.

“One of the weaknesses of our age is our apparent inability to distinguish our needs from our greeds.”
– Don Robinson –

It’s so easy to feel disillusioned for me. To be jaded and to feel a deep hurt and disappointment in the world. I’ve seen so much and done so much, the whole experience of life leaves me cold. And somehow this makes me sad, I want to live in the rarified air and believe in miracles and the myth of love. But it seems impossible most days.

Love seems to be a temporary state. Something you enter with some strange exit plan. So many people out there want only the falling in and out. The thrill of new love or the tangible tragedy of  heartbreak. The in-between days and the living in the steadfast is not worth the work. There’s no real sympathies there, there is no sparkle and fire. It’s not reward of drama and epic events. It’s like Hollywood has written the code of ethic and morals for a whole age.

Where are the hard and true? those tempered in steel that can cut through time? The animal that lives in the hard commitment seems to have gone extinct.

As soon as a person can utter “I’m bored” or maybe “I’m not happy” it’s perfectly acceptable to call it a day. I get most angry at these types. I feel like screaming “Hey peaches, no one else is responsible for your happiness, no one else is suppose to make you happy and blaming a waning love for your unfulfilled feeling and unhappiness is weak. And holy hell! Who told you that it’s the reponsibility of your partner to assure you that you are eternally entertained! You retard! Life is not a shitty vampire book or a feminine hygiene commercial! It’s tough and you share the load and responsibility for whatever it is your life becomes”  Come on kids, think it through just once. Make your own happiness. And here’s a huge shocker. Life isn’t always exciting, life isn’t a series of episodes you can breathlessly recount to your equally vapid friends. It’s life, it ain’t easy and it ain’t always good or bad. Some days it’s just life. nothing more, nothing less. There’s your guarantee.

Damn the entitled!

Same with work. I see a whole bunch of people walking in wanting to be well-respected and be the one in charge. To have the respectable career. To be some great and billowing title. Hell those crappy 10 month career colleges thrive on that (here’s a secret from 25 years of work experience, NOBODY is ever as successful after one of those programs as they tell you…mostly they’re laughable at best). There is a whole mess of people who want to be the chief and general. But no one wants to earn their stripes, no one wants to run the marathon, they all want the big next thing. Hey man! Here’s maybe one of the reasons our economy and society is so fucked. We got whole generations of people who don’t want to get dirty. Who don’t want to do the work. They want the reward but make no effort.

It used to be that you needed to make your bones, you earned your way in and you worked your up. Your hated your boss and dreaded the alarm clock, but over time you got good at your gig and moved on and up a solid and experienced worker. Not fucking walking in the door on Monday and by Friday making plans for when you take over this shit heap.

Curmudgeonly me!

And in life general. People are just a mess. I had a serious conversation with a guy this week where he said he never coddles his daughter, he never kisses her boo bos and never lets her cry. He said he was making her tough as any boy. Now maybe that’s so, but since when so we need our little girls to not be little girls no more? And besides that. It made me sad, to know that this guy was robbing his little girl the feeling of safety and calm that a gentle and giving heart can have. And he was robbing himself of one of the best moments of fatherhood, that is being the one thing that makes it okay. Being the cure for an ache and a hurt. Being a magic answer. It’s almost amazing to watch my little girl go from crying and scared to calm and safe just from daddy kissing here owie…Maybe she won’t be tough, but she’ll always have daddy to make it better. Even when it’s just a kiss on a skinned knee. Metaphorically and literally.

Ah well…

Here’s my wish and prayer for you all. That no matter what the world is and who you are, that you see the beauty in it. Just that little flash in the darkness. Look up and see the pretty light between the branches of a tree, look out and see the movement of life where it looks like there is none or to feel the excitment of seeing that living means more than just the epic. It can be a bird landing or an ornately carved piece of granite or even the scribbles of some little kid who tells you it’s you and them making snow angels. That’s the reward, the gift.

Because from there you can find God, you can find strength and you can find love. And brother don’t we need more love now? The world needs all of us to jump right in and be there. And we need to do it heart first.

Be well.


3 responses

  1. I try, lord knows I try.
    Thank you for the reminder.


    January 25, 2010 at 6:30 pm

  2. shannon

    I stumbled upon this by sheer luck, but I have to agree with everything said…..and wish more people would say exactly what they think !

    June 28, 2012 at 3:37 pm

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