Steel Belted Radio

So here’s something. A post in which I share with you some music. Literally! I have made up a couple files of MP3s from my collection of music. Honestly I could have made a hundred files, but I whittled it down to two. Or about 50 songs.

These are songs I think say something or mean something. So go on and download them. Listen to them man. And share in the cosmic radio station of my mind.

I believe that the music one listen’s to or the art that effects one describes that person better than anything they might say. I think this is always 100% true. Seriously. If you are one of those American Idol injesting and obeying sheep I am pretty sure you and your Kelly Clarkson/Taylor Swift music are vacuous and completely just consumer bile. And buddy if you are a collector of great symphonies and lover of  classics, then you’re probably worth knowing, maybe there is something there, but maybe you ain’t that exciting. Or if you are one of them music snobs who listen to small bands only from indie labels. Well you’re probably a dick. But you’re a dick that might be willing to walk in your own shoes.

I wonder what these songs say about me?

Side A
Side B

Here’s a list and a few words on each song…I was going to arrange them and list them in matching order. But it was enough work just creating, copying, zipping and uploading the music….So you’ll have to be surprised! Or if I get the inspiration and the obsession, I’ll edit the list later to match the order of appearance.

Michelle Shocked – Secret To a Long Life – This is just good advice…Really!
Bruce Springsteen – Straight Time – I am living this song….Mostly…most days.
Concrete Blonde – Tomorrow Wendy – This song was written during and about the AIDS epidemic of the 80s. But it takes God to task. God needs that.
Dwight Yoakam – Buenas Noches From A Lonely Room (She Wore Red Dresses) – Steve Earle says that the problem with country music today is that you can’t kill no one in a song…This is the exception. And a great song with real tones for me.
Headstones – Fuck You – Just a song, how does that set ya?
Ice-T & Jello Biafra – Shut Up, Be Happy – …Awesome!
John Hiatt – Crossing Muddy Waters – Hiatt wrote this about the mother of his daughter. She committed suicide when he left her….Truth is always brilliant. If you speak have the guts to bleed.
John Prine – Souvenirs – A song that makes me cry…Everytime I hear it.
Matthew Ryan – Chrome – Man I could have included EVERY song written by Ryan…But this is me 100%.
Matthew Good Band – Strange Days – Life, day to day, it burns…
Neil Diamond – Solitary Man – Because that’s why.
Neil Young – Pocahontas (Unplugged) – I think this song was the first lullaby I ever sang to my daughter…Even if it wasn’t meant to be.
Joe Cocker – Darling Be Home Soon – This is love. In it’s most pure form. Just needing someone because no one else understands.
Nick Cave – Love Letter – If this doesn’t make you weak then…FUCK YOU! This song literally buckles my knees.
Nick Cave – The Ship Song – The most perfect love song ever written.
R.E.M. – You Are The Everything – Reminds me of being a child. I see through my child’s eyes when I hear this now.
Rod Stewart – Mandolin Wind – Just beautiful, such sentiment and vulnerability from Stewart.
Ryan Adams – In My Time Of Need – To me this is what real and solid is.
Otis Redding – Mr. Pitiful – Just a great song…Otis is always cool!
Bob Seger – If I Were A Carpenter – Well would you?
Sinead O’Connor – Troy – I used to get real high and drive in the country while playing this song real loud!
Reckless Kelly – Crazy Eddie’s Last Hurrah – A fun song…Sometimes that’s enough! And someone gets killed in the song, that’s always a plus.
Steve Earle – I Feel Alright – Another case of “Hey that’s me!”
The Cure – Inbetween Days – The greatest break up and love song in one ever!
Simon & Garfunkel – The Boxer – Some songs speak louder than others…This one is one.
The Waterboys – Fisherman’s Blues – I think this may be my favorite hopeless romantic song ever.
Todd Snider – Alright Guy – Hey I am!
Tom Waits – Blind Love – St. Tom tells me the truth.
The Box Tops – Soul Deep – Fucking great song…Sometimes that’s enough!
The Staple Singers – Respect Yourself – Listen up man!
Tool – Sober – Yeah…
Van Morrison – Astral Weeks – A perfect piece of music and words.
Nick Lowe – What’s So Funny? (‘Bout Peace Love And Understanding) – The original version, done live.
Charlie Sexton – Ugly All Day – I feel like this…A lot!
Pete Droge – If You Don’t Love Me – Well????

So there you are….A magical mystery tour of my mind, heart and music collection. If you dig any of this let me know…I’ll hook you up. If you want me to post more music, let me know. If you want to see pictures of a panda bear, let me know.

Be Well.

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